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Gamification – Why?

In first part we learned gamification “The use of game elementsand design techniques in non-game contexts“.
In this short blog I explain more about gamification and why should we use it.


So you’ve decided to use gamification techniques in your business. Congratulations! Gamification is an emerging business practice.

Games are powerful things. You can use them to persuade your users to do what you want. Keep users in your website, app and etc. and also convince them to return to your service as soon as they can.

You can learn gamification only for its concepts or you can also learn from psychology, design, strategy, technology and etc. used in gamification. Learning it is a set of certain skills related to science.

But remember Gamification is harder that it appears. If you do it in a wrong way, you will probably loose your customers for ever.
So as you are going to use it, you have to be careful to use it in right way.


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